Paris Amore

Paris Amore

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Painting Options


Canvas Giclee:

CLAIR's Signed and Numbered Canvas Giclees are printed on canvas and signed and numbered by the artist.. By printing on canvas, the colors achieved are mirroring the intensity, vibrancy and color of CLAIR's originals. Our canvas giclees are stretched on heavy duty stretcher bars and are museum wrapped (the painting continues around the sides), adding a three dimensional studio feel and creating the option to hang them unframed for a more contemporary look. Each one is signed and numbered on the back. Please note each giclee is printed per order.

Artist Proof:

An Artist Proof is the next best thing to the original. (at less than half the cost). First I take a canvas giclée, and paint over the entire thing with oil, acrylics, and adding texture as I follow the brushstrokes of the original and sometimes changing colors slightly. (each is a one of a kind)

Then if you like, I can personalize the painting making the couple in it look like you by changing hair color, eye color, add a favorite flower, favorite bottle of wine, add a special date in the clouds, or whatever makes it personal to YOU! After all this is your painting, custom made especially for you. Its your choice to make changes or keep the piece just exactly as you see it. Having an artist proof that has been painted over really brings the giclée to life, adding bright, vivid color– there is nothing like it. Keeping within my commitment to my art, I have set the edition size very low. (Typically there are only 10 artist proofs ever made for each painting, so they can sell out fast) Since Artist Proofs have a lot of work that goes into them, I require a minimum of of 4-6 weeks (this can time can depend on how many orders I have to complete, as I will never sacrifice quality of my work.) To get started please email me 3-5 good head shots of the person(s) you would like to be in the painting (if it is painting that already has a couple in it I will keep the same placement of people and only make changes after we discuss in detail what you want.)

See some other artist proofs I have done HERE! 


Canvas Mini Giclee:

Our canvas Mini's are perfect for those small spaces, or great for giving as gifts. They are also wonderful in a grouping of 3 or 4 for a greater impact.  They are stretched on light stretcher bars and they include hanging hardware on the back, so they are ready to hang as soon as you get them home.  They are printed in an open edition.

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What is a Giclee

A Giclee (pronounced zhee-clay) is a high-end upscale fine art reproduction.  Each giclee is custom created, one-at-a-time as it is acquired by collectors.

In the giclee process, the image is generated from a high-resolution digital scan and printed with UV inks onto archival quality canvas.  An ultra-fine stream of non-toxic water based ink, more than 4 million droplets per second, is jet-sprayed onto the canvas.  This produces a combination of over 3 million possible colors resulting in prints that are lush and vibrant with the look and tonality of a fine art oil painting.  Limited-edition giclees are signed and numbered on the back.

A fantastic advantage of giclee printing is that the digital images can be reproduced to almost any size, giving the artist the ability to customize prints for a specific client.

Giclee prints have gained worldwide acceptance in the art community and can be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Louvre in Paris.

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Giclees and Mini Canvas Giclees will arrive within 2-4 weeks.

Artist Proof Giclees will arrive in 4-6 weeks. 

If you require your art more quickly, there may be a possibility of expediting the turnaround time. After placing your order, please contact us directly to discuss. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or ask for Mark at 858 549 7299.
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Our signed and numbered canvas giclees are printed on canvas to give the look and feel of the original and are the same size as the original painting. By printing on canvas, the colors achieved are bright and vivid, mirroring the intensity of Clair’s originals. Our canvas giclees are stretched on heavy duty stretcher bars and Gallery Wrapped and ready to hang! Clairs editions are kept small, usually between 40 - 100 depending on the piece.

Artist Proof

A limited number of only 10 in the edition. CLAIR creates an alternate version of the original by painting and reworking the printed canvas surface of each Artist’s Proof, with lots of texture and paint, going over the entire piece. Each custom high definition reproduction, features its own unique set of details, and there are no two in existence that are identical. She can even change the people in the painting to look like you, change hair eye color, add a favorite pet, favorite wine label, write an anniversary date in the clouds or keep it exactly as the original. Each painting is finished with her signature on the front and signed and numbered on the back.

  • Printed on fine art acid-free canvas
  • Professional grade archival inks with UV protection
  • Hand stretched; wrapped over 1.5” American Pine wood bars
  • Ready to hang
  • 100% Made in the USA

ORIGINALS – Perhaps you are seeking a custom ORIGINAL painting? Learn more about commissioning your own Stephanie Clair original painting here.

Metal Giclee:

This is a new process that lends it self to CLAIRS vibrant colors. The process is created using a die-sublimation process in which the inks are transferred and then heated onto a special type of metal that locks in the color, gloss and vibrancy! The smaller mini's on metal make a great statement, and come with hanging hardware on the back and are ready to put on the wall as soon as you get it. Or, If you are looking for a real stand alone vibrant art piece, we can do a custom size if you choose! This is a great option if you have a lot of sun, as they are more UV resistant.