Stephanie Clair




CLAIR is described as an artist of the people; dreamy landscapes, lovers, musicians, and families fill her canvases. Her bright colors, positive reflections and soulful moments put ones mind at peace.

A first love, a last love, a pleasant memory, lovers sipping wine, being enlightened, inspired by sweet music. These moments are ours to remember when viewing Clair's art, as the speed of time can erase many memories we all take for granted. Clair draws forth the spectrum of emotions and moods that reside deep inside all of us. The stories each of her paintings carry is the golden thread that connects us all. Her hope is that seeing these paintings and the messages they carry will give her collectors a place to rest, to feel happy and to reconnect, and most importantly, to remember the beautiful moments that life gives us.

Art is the stored honey of the human soul and Clair says if Love is the most powerful feeling in the world then she hopes her paintings will bring her collectors a little more love, a little more meaning, and more happiness in their lives. Clair's amazing ability to bring this soulful human quality to fruition through her art stems from her dreams and her own life experiences, and how she views the world. Clair believes you need to surround yourself with things that reflect who you are, how you want to be and how you see the world. Art is a way to surround yourself in a more positive, colorful, mindful kind of light.

Raised in upstate NY, Clair drew her way through those cold winter days. Soon after high school she moved to Virginia where she got a BFA in painting/design at ODU. She has shown her work in many galleries all over the United States. She now resides on Orcas island Washington where she lives with her three biggest inspirations: her husband Eric, daughter Ayla and son Milo.


 "why do you connect with CLAIR'S   work?

 -Clair's work makes my home so joyful and colorful, I love the stories that they carry as well.
 -I feel like I'm taken back to Italy every day I look at my painting.She even tucked me and my husband in the painting for our anniversary,  its very personal and we love it every day!
-Clair's art is truly incredible. She is a modern day master who has created her own style with cubist and contemporary influences that have such a grace to them. She has the ability to tell a story about life in all her paintings and she connects to ones soul. Her art brings us so much joy.